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Shawn Lasker

Licensed Mental Health Clinician 


I strongly believe that everyone has the potential to heal from wounds that exist due to life challenges. I have made it my mission to be a facilitator in the process of healing from within through the gift of therapy.

I guide my clients through alternative ways of thinking and behaving, and to be more present in the moment. I introduce techniques for relaxation that allow anxieties to melt away. I listen and am nonjudgmental in the process of hearing their voice. I honor my client's identities as an individual from multiple backgrounds.

Molded from approximately a decade years of diverse clinical experience, I have had the privilege to work with individuals from many walks of life. I specialize in providing individual therapy to adults ages 18+ struggling with depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, difficult life transitions, relationship conflicts, trauma recovery, substance use recovery, sexual identity concerns, and gender identity concerns. My approach is influenced by many techniques, such as person-centered therapy, mindfulness, CBT, and internal family systems.





Boston College 


University of Florida


Whole Living Center

Clinical Therapist

Cambridge, MA 


Lasell University

College Counselor

Newton, MA 


Lahey Health

Behavioral Services

Salem, MA 


Simple Practice Learning


American College Counseling Association

Washington D.C.


Professional Education Systems Institute (PESI)

Masters of Arts in Mental Health Counseling 

Bachelors of Science in Psychology

  • Provided direct service, short and long term counseling to a diverse caseload of clients in a private practice setting utilizing a client centered, IFS-informed, CBT, and solutions focused perspective.

  • Nurtured environment of long term treatment, specifically with LGBTQ+ informed counseling services.

  • Facilitated ongoing peer clinical supervision meetings and served as social media developer for the group practice.

  • Provided direct service, short-term counseling to the Lasell University student body utilizing a client centered, CBT, and solutions focused perspective.

  • Served as a consultant and resource for the faculty and staff regarding students' mental health; and providing psycho-educational programming on a variety of topics.

  • Assisted the Director to establish and maintain a referral network of therapists, specialists, and services off-campus.

  • Established Queer on Campus support group for LGBTQ+ students centering on shared lived experiences and queer minority stress experienced on a campus setting.

Emergency Services Clinician ​

  • Provided emergency crisis evaluations, assessment, treatment referrals, and all related service delivery requirements for youth, adult and geriatric populations in multiple settings, including alliance vendor hospitals, in-clinic, and community based settings.

  • Managed the acute phase of clients presenting in behavioral health crisis; assess, triage and referred clients to the appropriate services.

Outpatient Mental Health Clinician 

  • Provided therapy, case management, clinical assessment, and treatment planing to a caseload of 50 children, adolescents, and/or adults with identified mental health or substance use needs provided in-home, clinic-based, in-school or other approved/ appropriate community settings.

  • Organized and facilitated weekly adult Transgender Support Group, highlighting topics of shared oppression and intersectionality.

Writing Clinical Letters of Referral for Gender Affirming Medical Care; Instructor: Moe Brown (2 CE Hours)

Attended Annual Conference with the following pieces of training:

  • No Black Girl Magic: Demystifying Resilience and the Role of Counselors as Allies, Advocates, and Cultural Brokers for Underrepresented College Students (1.5 CE Hours)

  • Media & Technology as a Primary Intervention for Collegiate Recovery and University Counseling (1.5 CE Hours)

  • #OnlineHaters: A Pilot Treatment Approach for Cyberbullies Using VR (1.5 CE Hours)

  • Developing a Psychology of Wellness Class to Increase College Student Wellbeing (1.5 CE Hours)

  • Keynote: It's Actually (Not) My Problem Presentation (1.5 CE Hours)

  • The Loneliness Epidemic in the College Population: Research‐Based Guidelines to Educate, Engage, and Counsel (1.5 CE Hours)

  • Chartering Collegiate Initiatives for Mental Health and Wellness with Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC) in

  • College Counseling and Student Affairs: An Intersectional Approach (1.5 CE Hours)

  • Beyond the Walls: Creating Minority Serving Counseling Centers at Predominately White Institutions (1.5 CE Hours)

  • Worried to Death: The Anxiety Epidemic and What to Do About it (1.5 CE Hours)

  • Self‐Care is Not Enough: Utilizing ACT to develop a Philosophy of Self‐Care (1.5 CE Hours)

Integrating Internal Family Systems (IFS) Across Clinical Applications; Instructor: Richard Schwartz (2 CE Hours)

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