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Licensed Mental Health Clinician


Shawn is a queer/nonbinary (they/them) Licensed Therapist based in Massachusetts and Rhode Island - here to guide you through life’s most complex and difficult matters. Shawn strongly believes that everyone has the potential to heal from wounds that exist due to life challenges. They have made it their mission to be a facilitator in the process of healing from within through the gift of therapy.  Shawn will guide you through alternative ways of thinking and behaving, and to be more present in the moment. They can introduce techniques for relaxation that allow anxieties to melt away and will listen and be nonjudgmental in the process of hearing your voice.


Shawn graduated with honors from the University of Florida in Gainesville with a degree in psychology and health sciences. After spending a year volunteering as a hotline counselor for the Alachua County Crisis and Suicide Prevention Center, they solidified their desire to support and guide people to mental and emotional safety. In their mental health graduate studies at Boston College, Shawn began their counseling career working in dual diagnosis (mental health/substance use) and domestic violence advocacy. After graduating from their program, Shawn began professional mental health work in the hospital and outpatient setting, seeing a range of client ages, populations, mental health conditions, and lived experiences. In the wake of earning their independent clinical license, Shawn began working in the university counseling setting as well as in group private practice which has led them to ultimate alignment in their profession serving LGBTQ+ clients in private practice. Throughout their clinical journey, Shawn was exposed to the internalized family systems model of therapy, suicide prevention and assessment, gender affirmation and consultation surrounding surgical procedures, and countless hours of training surrounding supporting trans folx in medical and social/emotional transition. Shawn has also volunteered as a mental health advocate in Trans BIPOC community events in Boston. For a list of Shawn's specific credentials, please click here

Lived Experience

Shawn's personal experience with finding visibility in their queer identity has stemmed from the safe and secure relationships they have developed over the course of their life as well as the relationships they've developed with their inner authentic self. Their relationship with their gender continues to be an evolving journey for them. Shawn's own experience to find transcendence in their identity has led them to open a practice that focuses on creating a space for other queer folx to find safety and security in their relationships and life journey. 



Shawn specializes in providing individual therapy to adults ages 18+ struggling with:

  • depression 

  • anxiety

  • body image/body dysmorphia

  • work-related stress

  • existential life stress

  • lack of fulfillment

  • difficult life transitions

  • family and/or partner relationship conflicts

  • sexual and/or gender identity

  • coming out

  • experiencing gender dysphoria

  • complex trauma.

If there is interest in learning about Shawn's theoretical orientation in counseling, please click here.

In their free time, Shawn enjoys cooking, caring for their houseplants, and playing with their Frenchie Louie and Boxer Raya. Shawn hopes to have Louie trained as a mental health service animal at some point in the future. If you work with Shawn remotely, you may notice large ears or loud snorts from time to time in session. 


playful, friendly, energetic

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